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Katya Clover / Primary Care

Age: None
Origins: None / None
Height: None ft - Weight: None lb - Vital statistics: None

We are proud to bring you the delicious Katya Clover from Vladivostok, Russia. We call her delicious because she wears this vanilla and peach body cream that smells like a mouth watering cobbler pie. Katya tells us she tastes as good as she smells and we totally believe her! Katya has a smooth sexiness about her that draws people in. Her hobbies include flirting, dancing, clubbing and flirting with more flirting thrown in for good measure. Yes, Katya is a wild flirt and it's one of the reasons she loves performing so much. Every dance she does is her way of flirting with the world so get ready to get to know every inch of the beautiful and flirty Katya!

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